These Bizarre Times

Are we alone in this universe? Who shot JFK? Is this country being ran by a Satanic cult? Are alien abductions real? What is the Chupacabra? Are there such things as ghosts? What can I do to protect myself?

Some possible answers to these questions and more can be found in the next few pages.

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You might be shocked at what you discover!

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Criminal Masterminds - Serial killers, forensics and more!

Readers Tales - A creepy new story just added!

Clinton's Dead Friends! - Very interesting list!

Haunted California - Read TRUE ghost stories from around California!

Totally Off Topic Links! - Links to family, friends and other off topic things!

All Things Bizarre! - Check it out!

Just For Fun - Nutty, wacky, fun kinda schtuffs

El Chupacabra - Under construction - almost finished!

Paranormal Potpourri - A veritable plethora of paranormal links

The Bermuda Triangle - Is it coincidence or is it real?

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