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"They keep tellin' me how crazy I am, but the guys they got me locked in seg (segregated housing) with still believe I'm everything Sadie said I was. They are worse than those kids out there wanting to believe I'm some kind of God. I hear it so much, sometimes I believe it--believe it so strongly that I think the world should bow down to me and ask forgiveness. Not forgiveness for what they did to me, but forgiveness for what they do to themselves." --Charles Manson

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All Manson, all the time
The Family
The infamous Manson Family
The Manson Family Murders
Forensic Science and the Charles Manson Murders
Manson and The Beatles
the link between The Beatles' music and the Charles Manson version of reality, probing song titles and lyrics.
Manson Biography
The Charles Manson story
Cease To Exist
A look into Charlies music and information about ordering.

Original Artwork By Charles Manson

Charlie's Art
Two pages of paintings and string art by Charles Manson

How to contact Charlie

Charles Manson, B-33920
4A 3R 14L
P. O. Box 3476
Corcoran, CA 93212

Charlie gets a ton of mail and can only answer a small fraction of it so don't feel bad if you don't get a letter in response to what you write. Send some good energy out to Charlie! The people who run the prisons are jealous of the positive support which Manson gets from his friends and will do anything to discourage it, and in doing so, try to make Manson feel like he has no friends.

When you write to Manson....

DO: Be yourself; don't say things because you think it's what Manson wants to hear. If you can, send him postage paid envelopes (printed, not holographic). Include your return address within the letter itself.

DON'T: Do not send books, magazines, stamps, cash, posters, polaroid photos. Also, don't send clothing, cassette tapes, CDs, pens or pencils. If in doubt, don't send it - he probably won't get it.

This "do's & don't" list is NOT complete or definitive.

The prison is playing all sorts of games with Manson's mail. For more information, call the Corcoran Prison Mail Room at 209-992-8800 x7759.

Rearranging the letters of 'Charles Manson' gives:

Harmless canon. Slash mean corn.
Clash sane norm. Scholars 'n' mean.
He's normal scan. Clash'n'moaners.
Slash 'n' romance. Echo snarls man.
On harms cleans. Arms clash none.
Scan sham loner. Anchor less man.
Clash on sane Mr. He's normal cans.
Harmless conan. He snarls on cam.

The following are some of the longest words made using some of the letters:

charmless harmless
massacre romances
calmness scholars

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