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an anonymous reader sent this in...

Creepy Construction!

I am a general contractor. I recently did a job walk at an old former farm house / slaughter house.

I was there to price out the reconstruction of a portion of the house that had burned down. It's an insurance claim so I have to rebuild it as it was.

I typically take a dozen pictures with my digital camera, measure up the place and leave. I then put together the estimate, review the pictures and turn in the estimate.

I was starting the estimate and decided to review the pictures to refresh my memory. Well, I don't know if I will estimate the job.

One of the pictures was a picture of a little boy hung from the ceiling by a noose.

I am likely now going to review this with the homeowners before proceeding.

From a reader in Washington state......

A Fathers Revenge!

My dad told me this story when I was younger. It is a true story

When my father was a teen his dad told him and his brothers. " Boys I'm too mean to die. I will stay on this earth and never leave. This is because I'm not wanted in heaven or hell."

Well, the years passed by and he lived a good life, but just grew more bitter and mean. He had a heart attack and passed away. As the years went by an odd thing started to happen in the home where he passed away. Everyone in the house would hear the same strange noise every night at the same time.

This is what happened at 12:00am every night. (This is also the exact same time that their father had passed on) They would hear the back door open and slam closed. They then would hear heavy foot steps going up the stairs. Next, they would hear the closet door open and hear someone or some thing going through the closet. This went on for a while.

The boys decided that someone was playing a trick on them. So when their Mom wasn't at home they took her flour bag and dumped it all over the kitchen floor. The flour was an inch thick. The boys said, "Now we will see the foot prints and know that someone is messing with us."

They went into the front room and waited. At 12:00 am they heard the door open and they heard the foot steps going through the kitchen and up the stairs to the closet. When all was done they ran into the kitchen to see the foot prints. They stood there with their mouths wide open. The floor was undisturbed. The floor didnt have one foot step in it whatsoever. Then out of the silent night they heard a loud scream coming from behind them. The screaming was someone yelling "YOU LITTLE BRATS........ WHAT ARE YOU DOING?????????" They turned around and there stood their Mom.

The foot steps can still be heard through the house every night. I know this story to be true. I know the family who is living in the house this day. And the man haunting the house is my Grandfather. From what I heard from my Uncles and my Dad is that he always followed through on his threats.

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