The Bermuda Triangle

The Bermuda Triangle remains a mystery to this day.
Some believe the disappearances are caused by earthquakes, underwater volcanoes, or fireballs which explode the planes. Others point to strange unknown forces such as undiscovered magnetic forces, time-warps, death rays from Atlantis, or UFO's from outer space. Perhaps sea monsters attacked the vessels or maybe survivors are trapped in caves below the sea.
What do you think?
How would you account for these disappearances?
Are there any survivors?
Where are they now?
Why can't they be found?

Triangle of Links

Brief History of the Triangle
Read about Columbus' account of the Triangle and much more!
Map of the Bermuda Triangle
Good map showing the entire Triangle
The Unnatural Museum's Bermuda Triangle Page
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The Bermuda Triangle FAQ
A page by the U.S. Navy
The National Geographic
Check out this NG site for great Bermuda Triangle information
Bubba the Salty Dog's Bermuda Triangle Site
One of the best Bermuda Triangle sites around!

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Bermuda Triangle Fun

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Bermuda Triangle Game
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