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Potpourri of Paranormal Links

Occult Info
All sorts of interesting information
The name says it all...
Something Strange Is Happening
An informative index containing many links, stories, etc.
Paranormal Index
An index of all things paranormal
Alternative takes on big news stories abound
Paranormal, alternative and new age reviews
Nexus Magazine
Articles on Big Brother, UFOs, future science and odd health practices
Strange Worlds
ESP, the afterlife, lost civilizations, the supernatural and the topical
Archive X
A little bit of everything
Astrology, numerology, art galleries and horoscopes
Bigfoot Encounters in California
Stories, sightings, etc.
Global Bigfoot Encyclopedia
History and mystery
Centaur Sightings
A compendium of centaur images and references spotted in movies, games, books and art
A wealth of information about the Loch Ness Monster
Werewolf Shapeshifter
A look at werewolves, what they are, and what can kill them
About Vampires
An index of history, stories, and links
Fact, fiction or exaggeration?
Megalith Picture Pages
Photographs of megaliths and rock circles from all over the world

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1999 Open Congressional Hearing on Modern UFO Evidence

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