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The Harlow House - Southern California

The ghost of Jean Harlow is still present in the master bedroom. Her husband, Paul Bern beat her, causing kidney damage that killed her. After hearing he had shot himself, she attempted suicide in the upper bedroom.

In 1966 a hairstylist bought the house. He was dating a blonde named Sharon at the time. One night Sharon was in the house alone. The hairstylist was away on business. Sharon was awakened by Paul Bern, stumbling around her bedroom, cursing loudly, while blood spurted from the hole in his head. She ran from the room. At the bottom of the stairs she saw the hairstylist tied to the handrail, his throat ripped open. The vision would not go away, the cursing and smashing, from upstairs grew louder. Sharon thought she was going crazy. She downed a bottle of vodka, and passed out. When the hairstylist returned, Sharon told him of her vision. Two years later, a few blocks away, Sharon Tate and Jay Sebring, (The hairstylist) and three other innocent people were brutally murdered by Charles Manson and his followers.

Tate and Sebring were discovered tied together, with a nylon rope, draped over an exposed roof beam.

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