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Reading List

The following are books and videos that are closely related to the same subjects that I cover here in These Bizarre Times. They are all available at for purchase.

True Story! Dead of Night : The True Story of a Serial Killer
by Don Lasseter, Gary C. King. The chilling true story of Oregon's most shocking killer! Jimmy Rode was serving a sentence for burglary in a Florida prison when he met serial killer Ted Bundy. It was Bundy who gave him a Seattle newspaper containing personal ads--an easy means for meeting vulnerable female victims--that launched Rode on a coast-to-coast killing spree under the alias of Cesar Barone. Now, in detail, Lasseter unleashes the story of Jimmy Rode. Photo insert.
UFO's Above Top Secret : The Worldwide U.F.O. Cover-Up
by Timothy Good. Above Top Secret proves that alien aircraft have been invading the earth's air space and such incursions threaten our most secure defense systems and our basic scientific and religious beliefs. Crammed with the testimony of reliable people. 16 pages of black-and-white photos.
Paranormal The Paranormal : A Guide to the Unexplained
by Anthony North. Here is a look at various facets of the paranormal such as ghosts, telepathy, and telekinesis. The book is too brief to take more than a glimpse at each aspect of paranormal phenomena, but what sets it apart is Anthony North's attempt to prove not so much that each individual case is true, but simply that there is something underlying "reality" as we have come to define it, something yet to be classified by science but no less real than gravity.
UFO's Searching for UFO's
Color, Closed-captioned, NTSC, 1996. An amazing look into the never-ending search for evidence that UFO's are real.
Alien Autopsy Alien Autopsy: Fact or Fiction?
Color, NTSC, 1995. A special program that first aired on the Fox Network showing a mysterious film purported by a mystery photographer to be actual footage of an alien autopsy performed by the government after an unexplained crash occurred in Roswell, New Mexico.

More Titles

If you have any suggestions for books or videos, send them to me.

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